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Quilter logo

The logo is our key identifier and one of our greatest assets. It’s distinct, elegant and works well across all our media.

The logo should always be used in its purest form, however, if the main logo can’t be used due to printing or technical limitations, then please use the black and white versions.

All brands in the group are now governed by our group brand and trademark policy. That’s because all brands have an impact on the reputation of Quilter plc. You should always follow the brand guidelines for both internal and external use, and you should not allow third parties to use the logos without the correct permissions being in place.

Please contact the brand team for more guidance.

Quilter logo

Green text Quilter logo Black text Quilter logo Quilter logo green background white text

Logo clearzone and minimum size

The logo should stand alone without interference from other elements. The minimum clearzone is the width of the Q. Please ensure that no other elements enter this area. This rule also applies to the minimum size format logos.

Clearzone Quilter logo

Minimum size

We have minimum size logos for both print and digital communications: 20mm width for print and 100px width for digital.

Logo guidance

Do not adjust our logos, always use the artwork supplied and never re-create the logo.

Do not use the print version of the logo for an online application and vice versa. The logo should not be used over an image or coloured background.

These rules apply across all of the business units.

If you are unsure, please contact the brand team.

Logos for each business unit

The same guides apply for the group logo. Speak to the brand team for full details on the other business unit logos.

Business unit logos should be used as business unit material at the point of that business rebranding.

Please note: the Quilter Cheviot logo is yet to be agreed.

Group level descriptor

Our descriptor is a visual asset that helps to communicate our group business offering. It is primarily used as a lockup with the logo, but can be used on its own in communications as long as the logo also features e.g. TV endframes, brochure covers etc.

Please note: This should only be used at group level and not for individual business units.

Primary descriptor


Advice, Investments, Wealth Management primary descriptor


Secondary descriptor


Advice, Investments, Wealth Management secondary descriptor


Logo lockup

We have two logo lockups which combine the logo and the primary descriptor.

Quilter stacked logo lockupQuilter horizontal logo lockup

Quilter stacked logo lockup reversed

Quilter horizontal logo lockup reversed

Minimum size

We have minimum size measurements for both logo lockups for use across print and digital communications.

Stacked logo lockup minimum size (print and digital):

  • 32mm width for print
  • 158px width for digital.

Horizontal logo lockup minimum size (print and digital):

  • 60mm width for print
  • 300px width for digital.

We have minimum size logos for both print and digital communications:

  • 20mm width for print
  • 100px width for digital.