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Image sizes

Our blocks and cards use a series of differing image sizes in order to optimise space on the page and balance layout.

When requesting an image size from our Design Team, please quote the following sizes. You can always speak to a member of the production team to find out which block or card they will be using.

  • If the image has a solid background colour, please request this is sent to us with a 'transparent background'. This is so the image has the same background as the block it is being used on.
  • Images should be no bigger than 80Kb-100Kb.
Image location Size
Article block
  • W 460px
  • H 280px
Spotlight card
  • W 575px
  • H 260px
Showcase card
  • W 393px
  • H 650px
Contact card
  • W 70px
  • H 70px
Featured block
  • W 335px
  • H 280px 
Home page hero banner
  • W 1154px
  • H 1048px
Section page hero banner
  • W 1154px
  • H 1048px
Person bio card
(Ensure a focal point is set)
  • W 300px
  • H 300px
Introduction Block Container
  • W 1400px
  • H 1600px
Carme Hero banner with quick links block
  • W 1000px
  • H 550px