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Production checklist

Before building a page on any of our websites, it's recommended you consider the following guidance.



  • Ensure all link text describes the destination out of context from the surrounding text
  • Never use title text in a link
  • Only links to external sites or documents should open in a new window


  • Alt text should be NULL unless the image is informative. (alt="")
  • If an image contains text the alt text should mirror the exact text in the image. If there is too much text in the image to put in an alt tag please speak to UX.
  • Images of site logos should always have the alt text as the company name. Never use words such as logo at the end of this.
  • Please see this WebAIM article for further details:


  • Ideally acronyms should not be used, but if they are they should be explained fully in the content.
  • Ensure headings flow in a sequential order H1 > H6.

Smart View

  • Run Smart View over the page to check for any other accessibility issues

GEL patterns

Block and card usage

  • Check that all blocks and cards used within the page follow the guidance for using these components.


  • Page title exactly matches H1 and URL
  • Meta data description is in place
  • Keywords in content match page title, H1 and URL
  • Ensure there are no double dashes in the URL

Site structure

Navigation and site architecture

  • If the page requires changes to the structure or navigation of the site please speak to the UX team.