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Promo card

The promo card allows us to display a core call to action or singular message in a defined and prominent block. Useful for onward paths at the foot of an article or content page, the promo blocks highlights a message to be displayed to the user leaving them in no doubt of the action to take.

Can also be used for contact details, instructions or continuation - now do this (begin a process etc..) or simply a standard call to action.


Promo card



  • Title (required)
  • Text (optional)
  • Call to action (optional)

Usage guidelines


  • Use the promo card to highlight a key piece of content
  • When using the call to action the card should only provide a preview of the content it is linking to


  • Promo cards must not include images
  • Should not be used for multiple lines of content - straplines and sentences only


  • Call to action is optional
  • Text within the card is optional
  • Optional background - style based on theme of site
  • Title of the card is mandatory
  • Cards can be full width or be housed in a card holder