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Card holder

What is a card holder?

The card holder is a container that allows cards to be grouped and ordered within the layout of the page. The card holder can hold blocks in a layout of 2 columns or 3 columns and has an optional header.


Card Holder



  • Header (optional)
  • Column 1 (required)
  • Column 2 (required)
  • Column 3 (optional)
  • Background (white, grey, green)

Usage guidelines


  • The background colour can be used when the card holder contains either spotlight cards or promo cards. Please preview this before publishing.


  • Do not use card holders for any other purpose than holding cards


  • A cardholder can be 2 or 3 columns
  • Cards within a card holder will wrap to a new row if there are more cards then columns in the card holder
  • Cards can be forced to match the height of the tallest card in each row of the container
  • If a call to action is used on cards within the card holder, there is an option to align all buttons to the bottom of the cards.