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Embedded search block

What is an embedded search block?

An embedded search block allows you to add a bespoke search input form to a page. Embedded search blocks allow you to highlight the power of search where content may be numerous.

The embedded search block can be configured to search the whole site or narrowed down to more specfic areas such as articles or documents.


Embedded search block

image of embedded search block


  • Search title (required)
  • Description (optional)
  • Placeholder label (optional)

Usage guidelines


  • Use the embedded search block on pages which are the entry point for a large category (or categories) of content to promote that search would be a good way to find specific areas of this content
  • Use the description to set the user expectations about the category of content they will be searching when using the embeded search block
  • Craft your placeholder text to hint at what content the user could be searching for, especially if there is more than one medium available
  • The background of the block can be white, faint or strong to aid with saliency and make the search block stand out from other content.


  • Don't use more than one embedded search block on a page.

Example embedded search block

Title of the block goes here

Description text here - optional (use to inform the user about the content group they will be searching)