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Person bio card

What is a person bio card?

The person bio card allows the user to see basic biography information for a specific person to be displayed within the context of other page content.

Person bio cards can be used individually within pages or as a collection of cards using the card holder. This is useful for contact us or team pages.

The data displayed in these cards is taken from a person profile.


Person bio card



  • Person image (required)
  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Job title (required)
  • Card URL (optional)

Usage guidelines


  • Try to ensure there is an actual image of the person being featured instead of a placeholder.


  • Don’t use the person bio card for any other purposes than displaying a persons basic profile information.
  • Don’t link from this card to any other place than a details page about the featured person.


  • When the card URL is added the entire card is clickable.
  • Rollover state should engage on hover when the card URL is added.