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Centred Article page

What is it?

Centred Article template is an alternative template provided for 'articles'. It can be used to build a number of different articles depending on content, for example;

  • news articles
  • press releases
  • technical articles
  • white papers
  • reports

The key difference betweeen this and the standard article template is the width that the content spans at - the centred article template content aligns centred to the page and spans 60% of the page (20% white space/60% content/20% white space). This article has been designed to improve readibility of articles by reducing the sentance length which aids reading speed and ease.

The template shares many of the the same properties and restrictions as the existing article page template.

When should i use it?

This template can be used for any article or report - it works well for articles that are content heavy or those that are technically detailed.

Due to the centred content, this template does not lend itself to including tables that contain alot of data - we would recommend using the standard article template in this instance.


A number of blocks have been optimised for use in this template:


  • Large tables should be avoided
  • Do not use Card holder containers within the article itself
  • A number of blocks and cards are not optimised for use in this template and therefore should be avoided:
    • Article block
    • Featured block
    • Concertina block
    • General section block