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Analytics and insight

Our tools

We have a number of analytics and insight tools within digital, including Google Analytics and Clicktale. Analytics is important because it helps us make informed decisions about our content and design based on real users’ actions. We can track how users interact with our site, from clicking links to the time spent on pages, so we can build up a picture of how effective our sites are. Reporting, setting up new reports and tracking can be requested through our Digital Production team who will be able to help.


Our tag management solution

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is our preferred tag management solution which enables us to deploy tracking tags quickly. If you have a new website and require tracking, please ensure GTM is used and requested through the Digital Production team.


Reporting dashboards

We have a series of online analytics insight dashboards/reports for the list of public-facing websites. Should you want access to these please contact the Digital Production team.