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Domain name management

It is imperative that Quilter has a cohesive approach for the management and protection of digital assets, with domain management being a key element of this approach.

A key principle of Quilter’s domain strategy is that we should have a single policy for the management of web domains, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities and a consistent approach across the group. This will ensure:

  • reduced risk of unsecured or lapsed domains
  • protection against domain infringements by third parties
  • protection against / mitigating the risk of fraud/cyber crime
  • efficiencies and risk mitigation of using a single process
  • all activity being centrally tracked and auditable
  • controls and regular reviews to ensure only relevant domains are retained and managed.

The Quilter digital team owns the purchasing, reviewing and monitoring processes for web domains. If you are considering any domain purchases, subdomain creation or any other configuration you should always contact the Digital Team in the first instance, to ensure all plans are in line with our agreed strategy and processes.