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Page performance

All Quilter public website and extranet web pages must be tested for their total page weight and download time (file and asset sizes combined), with the the page to be rendered in the web browser within 2-3 seconds unless an exception is agreed. We test our web pages as we devleop and we also carry out testing across our public-facing websites on a quarterly basis.

The reasoning behind this is that long page load times cause users to lose focus or abandon tasks. See the article, why performance matters, for more information on the user experience aspect of this subject.

Page weight and performances targets

  • All pages should have a maximum page weight of 500KB and a minimum performance score of 70. This target is based upon the following assumptions for each page component:
    • HTML – 50KB
    • CSS – 100KB
    • JavaScript – 250KB
    • If a page is over the 500KB total page weight target then the page should have a minimum performance score of 80.
  • All pages must have a page weight of no more than 1MB. (Exceptions  only acceptable if a justification is provided)
  • The DOM interactive metric is our benchmark for page performance.

Use of images

  • Images should be no bigger than 80Kb-100Kb.

Page performance score