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Social media at Quilter

Quilter has a presence across a range of popular social media channels. On LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we post timely updates about our products, initiatives, and breaking company news to a broad, expanding audience.

As well communicating and engaging online, we’re also listening - using market-leading tools to monitor mentions of Quilter businesses while analysing the impact of what we’re sharing.

We use best practice principles and in-house expertise to routinely leverage social media as part of integrated marketing campaigns. Strategic paid-for activity enables us to accurately target content to relevant audiences within financial services and beyond. As the reach of organic social media starts to dwindle and our stakeholders demand an even more personalised experience, such an approach is key if we’re to raise awareness of what Quilter stands for.

Social media meta tags

When someone shares content from a Quilter website to social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, those platforms' 'crawlers' will scrape the HTML behind the URL to determine how a social media post should look.

We use meta tags to take control of what social media crawlers pick up from our Quilter websites. These tags provide structured info about the page such as the title, description, and preview image, ensuring what is presented in a social media post looks engaging and clear.

In most cases, a bespoke high-quality image related to the URL the post links to is added when the webpage is built. These images are sized consistently at 1200x627px.

When it isn’t possible to add a bespoke image, the page preview reverts to a default greyscale lifestyle image from the relevant website’s landing page – also sized at 1200x627px.

Taking this approach across Quilter’s websites ensures that social media posts shared by our business, advisers and customers are of the best possible quality.

Our employees’ use of social media

We recognise the widespread use and benefits of social media, however, we also acknowledge that there are certain risks associated with it. We’ve therefore developed guidelines for Quilter employees to follow, helping them to use social media in a responsible way.

For more information about social media at Quilter, please email us.