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Stacked card holder

The stacked card holder is a container that allows cards to be grouped and ordered vertically within the right column of a general section block. The stacked card holder creates a single column which can stack cards multiple cards.

These are primarily for use in articles where there is a need for more than the author details in the right column.


Stacked card holder



  • Header (optional)
  • Heading style (H2 or H3)
  • Description
  • Column 1 (required)

Usage guidelines



  • Do not use card holders for any other purpose than holding cards
  • Do not use more than one stacked card holder per page
  • A stacked card holder must never leave large areas of space in the left hand column


  • A stacked card holder can only hold these cards:
    • Contact card
    • List card
    • Login card
    • Promo card
    • Spotlight card
  • See specific card specs for requirements for cards